Based on our own investigations, we are aware that you might have products in stock, or have sold products, which under a number of circumstances may pose a risk of electric shock during operation.

The products in question have been produced from week 1, 2017, to and including week 2, 2018, and incorporate:

  • Grundfos UNILIFT AP 12 1-PHASE
  • Grundfos UNILIFT AP 35 1-PHASE
  • Grundfos UNILIFT AP 50 1-PHASE

Grundfos has assessed that the above listed pumps may pose a risk of causing an electric shock either during installation or when used in mobile applications. Pumps that are already installed in fixed installations are safe to continue to use.

Since these pumps have been purchased by you in the past, we are requesting your immediate assistance in making sure that any affected products either held in stock or that may be used in mobile applications can be identified and replaced or reworked as soon as possible.

Grundfos strongly urges you as a Grundfos customer to:

  • Carry out a stock check. Using the instructions identify and quarantine any affected products in stock or in mobile use.
  • Contact Grundfos UNILIFT recall hotline (01525 775357) to seek advice on next steps for any affected products.
  • Contact customers that may have bought affected products, and guide them to this webpage

Corrective actions:

  • Grundfos will replace all affected pumps on stock. Grundfos will do this free of charge.
  • With your active contribution Grundfos is informing all relevant customers that affected products may pose a safety risk under certain circumstances and therefore must be replaced or reworked.

We are very sorry for any inconvenience caused, but safety, responsibility and reliability are high priorities.

Download the instructions for identifying the affected products

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Unilift AP 12, AP 35, AP 50 (1-phase)
Photo: Unilift AP 12, AP 35, AP 50 (1-phase)