Circulator pumps

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How do I calculate the duties in my home?

A formal assessment of the duties should be undertaken by a suitably qualified industry professional. However, if you can provide us with the maximum boiler output we can offer a rough estimate of the flow rate, but this will be not be accurate, as many other factors can affect this. 

I have moved into a new property; how do I identify what pump I have installed and its age?

All Grundfos Pumps have a name plate that includes the pump type as well as the manufacture date code.  The date code is shown as YYWC the first two digits depict the year and the last two the week number i.e. 1423 code shows that the pump was manufactured in 2014 in week 23. 

What is the next step up from the UPS2 15-50/60 and UPS3 15-50/65?

These pumps are designed to meet a maximum head of 6m and 6.5m respectively which should be sufficient to meet the demands in a standard home. Where there is greater demand, we offer a UPS2 25-80 and 32-80 light commercial pump that can support a head of 8m. For further advice to suit meet your particular requirements, please speak to an appropriately qualified plumbing professional. 

What are the functionality options on the right-hand side of my ALPHA2 for?

All ALPHA2 models left the factory pre-set to speed III, but they can be manually adjusted to suit specific demands. Depending on the model these pumps can be operated via a settings button (an example of which is below.

Please note ALPHA2 pumps are now obsolete and have been superseded by more up-to-date products.  Please see our replacement guide for suggested options. 

If I increase the speed on my UPS2, would that cause any damage to the system?

Increasing the speed of a UPS2 circulator will increase the water pressure in the system which could result in additional noise and could add stress to other components within the system.

Do I need to buy an ALPHA Reader to connect my ALPHA3 pump?

The Grundfos ALPHA3 is the most energy-efficient circulator in its class, it analyses the pattern of use and automatically adjusts the power output down to as little as 3W when the demand is low, offering a significant energy saving, compared to regular pumps.
The original Model A pumps did require an ALPHA Reader to complete hydraulic balancing. Newer ‘model B’ ALPHA3 circulators now incorporate the wireless electronics that are needed for hydraulic balancing and monitoring, without the need for a separate ALPHA Reader (although these can still be used to extend the communication range). Like all our products we advise that these pumps are only set-up by fully qualified plumbing professionals. 

Recently my plumber installed a red pump on my Hot Water System, they used to be yellow. Is this correct?

Historically hot water service circulators from Grundfos were yellow. However, this changed some years ago and currently only one pump from this range is available in yellow (UPS15-50N) all other models are red.


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Where can I purchase Grundfos pumps from?

Grundfos pumps and product ranges are widely stocked throughout the UK.  Many products are held at branch level as stock items and these can be purchased either on- or off-line from either national merchants, or from many independent plumbing stockist outlets. As Grundfos products should only be fitted by appropriately qualified professionals, products are generally not available from DIY outlets.


Who is my nearest distributor?

As our products are widely available nationwide, we do not recommend individual outlets.


What is your warranty policy?

There is a five-year warranty that covers manufacturing or material defects on domestic heating circulators: UPS3 15-50/65, UPS2 15-50/60, ALPHA2, ALPHA3, Amazon & Amazon Universal shower pumps from 1st March 2017 and SCALA2 booster pumps when used in a domestic/home application.


All other Grundfos pumps are warranted for 24 months from installation or 30 months from manufacture; whichever is the sooner.


How do I return a faulty product that is under warranty?

You will need to contact the outlet where the goods where purchased from (they may request supporting paperwork to proof the purchase date).  They will then be able to advise on their warranty process/procedure.