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Reliability and optimum performance are key for anyone using and relying on fire pumps to supply any sprinkler system. Our engineers are qualified for confined space working, holding CSTS cards for low and medium risk environments. Additionally staff are trained to IOSH/NEBOSH standards and can undertake detailed risk assessments and method statements.

Grundfos Service can provide peace of mind and ease the ownership with the provision of :

  • Servicing (diesel, electric and combinations)
  • Testing and system testing
  • Commissioning
  • Installation
  • General maintenance
  • Workshop service
  • Repair and overhaul
  • 24/7 call-out option

At Grundfos Service we have designed two bespoke fire service package options that will keep fire systems in peak working order. Click here to view fire service packages.

Here are some examples of where Grundfos Service can offer a range of offerings specifically to support fire sets:

  • Weekly testing – we are able to provide a weekly fire pump testing service. This will entail running the pumps on a weekly basis to ensure that the respective duty points are achieved. Any observations will be detailed and reported.
  • Engine overhauls – we can offer the facility, where required, to remove engines and pumps to a workshop, where full engine and pump overhaul and refurbishment can be undertaken.
  • Remedial repairs – with a highly skilled mobile team, we are able to conduct field repairs to all diesel and electric fire pumps throughout the UK.
  • 24/7 call-out – should your fire pump fail out-of-hours, we are able to offer a competitive emergency call-out service across the UK.

Industrial Batteries

As a producer of industrial batteries under the Waste Batteries and Accumulators Regulations 2009, we Grundfos produce Nickel Cadmium batteries. We are obliged to take back free of charge, waste industrial batteries supplied to an end user for treatment and recycling. We are required to do this in any calendar year we place new industrial batteries on the market.

If any of our customers or in certain cases other end users, require us to take back Industrial batteries, they should contact us using the form attached to request the return. We will agree the necessary arrangements for the return, proper treatment and recycling of, the waste industrial batteries. Click here to view industrial battery return form


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