One aspect that has been recently highlighted as playing a very important role in contributing to a buildings energy use was for businesses to look at re-commissioning a buildings’ central plant equipment - such as the pumps - at least every five years.

Although all pumps will benefit from re-commissioning, the following should however, be considered a priority:

  • Booster sets
  • Pressurisation units
  • All circulators
  • Long-coupled pumps.

The rationale behind this is because building usage changes over time and this can affect the overall configuration, use and where the demand sits. Equally pumps will benefit from an overhaul where the opportunity to look at heating and cooling loads is reviewed.

Opting to have your pump equipment re-commissioned with Grundfos Service could significantly decrease your heating bills and carbon footprint. Our national team of highly trained, dedicated service engineers are experienced in commissioning/servicing many different pump manufacturers’ designs and a wide range of application types for less outlay than you may think.

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