Installation & operation

Installation & operation

The support you need from the moment you install

With our installation & operation service we guarantee support that your system is correctly installed and is performing to maximum efficiency. For your convenience we also offer service contracts, giving you the extra assurance that will allow you to focus on your business.



Our expert service technicians will provide a full start up report, with operational data documented by ourselves. Commissioning covers both a check of the pumps, the control equipment and the total pump performance.


Fire Service

Fire service

Reliability and optimum performance are key for anyone using and relying on fire pumps to supply any sprinkler system. We can offer servicing for diesel, electric and combinations, testing and system testing, commissioning, installation, general maintenance, workshop service, repair and overhaul.  




Opting to have your pump equipment re-commissioned with Grundfos Service could significantly decrease your heating bills and carbon footprint.

Our national team of highly trained, dedicated service engineers are experienced in commissioning/servicing many different pump manufacturers’ designs and a wide range of application types.


Service Agreements

Service agreements

Ensure that your pumps are maintained to the highest standard, limit unscheduled downtime, improve reliability and reduce energy consumption and running costs with a Grundfos service agreement.

All service contracts also include 24hr call out and provide detailed annual reports on both pump and system/application conditions. We offer a range of service support packages to suit all customers’ requirements, for your continued peace of mind.