This topic provides an introduction to domestic hot water – or DHW – systems, it presents the Grundfos Comfort range of hot water re-circulation pumps, as well as explaining how Comfort range pumps are installed and commissioned.

Hot water recirculation and the Grundfos Comfort


Introducing hot water recirculation

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Hot water recirculation systems - the basics

Introducing the Grundfos Comfort

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Taking hot water supply in new directions.

Comfort features checklist

Find out more about the great features the Comfort has to offer

Permanent magnet motor technology

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Get better acquainted with the internal workings of COMFORT pumps

AUTOADAPT explained

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AUTOADAPT in the Grundfos COMFORT range.

Grundfos Comfort installation, commissioning and modes

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See for yourself just how easy the Grundfos COMFORT is to install

Calender controlled operation

What is calendar control, and how does it work?